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Getting a title loan is easy

The Truth about Car Title Loans

The Truth about Car Title Loans If you’re in need of quick cash and unable to obtain a loan from your local bank, a car title loan could be the solution. It is a kind of short-term lending where the borrower (you), surrender your car title in return for quick cash. Simply put, you pay back the… Read More »

Getting a Title Loan is Fast and Easy!

Getting a Title Loan is Fast and Easy! Learn how to get a title loan today. American Title Loans put together an infographic to break down a title loan and how to get it. A title loan is a great solution when you find yourself in a bind and need some quick cash to cover an… Read More »

A popular tax break for teachers is expanded

Good news for teachers! The Educator Expense deduction, which helps out teachers who spend out-of-pocket for classroom supplies and professional development, was extended and expanded by the Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes Act.