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If you are in San Antonio, Texas taking a walk on the River Walk that can be very relaxing and can turn out to be a lovely day. But there are times when you feel like you are under stress, maybe not as bad as the stress of those in the Alamo, but nevertheless stress because of financial hardship, because of debt piling up, because you really need a loan. In the state of Texas, even though you live in the “Lone Star State” you don’t have to feel alone with nowhere to turn. When your credit is bad, you have bills that are piling up and you just need some peace of mind let us know. At American Title Loans we are here to help you during a financial crisis. You just need to own a car, have a valid ID and you are on your way. No credit check, no fuss! Sometimes you just need that quick cash to help you take care of finances until things start to look up. We can help you with that. And throughout the course of your car title loan you are able to keep your car so whether you are just spending the day around town, or taking a trip to Dallas, Houston, or San Antonio you’ll have your wheels to take you there.

No Insurance
No Credit Check

It’s true. You do not need insurance or a credit check to get a car title loan from us.

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American Title Loans offers car title loans across the United States. Visit your local store and get cash today!

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We don’t check credit or require insurance. Nobody makes it easier!

* Loan approval subject to vehicle inspection, income verification, application approval and state specific guidelines. You must be at least 18 years of age.