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How Much Money
Can I Get?



Emergency Fund!

Why do I need an emergency fund?

Emergency funds create a financial buffer that can keep you afloat in a time of need without having to borrow from family members or using your credit cards. It can be especially important to have an emergency fund if you have debt, because it can help you avoid borrowing more. Now we see it more clearly to have that fund because unexpected situations happened like loosing your job or getting sick and not able to work.

That cushion gets you our of debt and stressful situations. We must understand that an emergency fund is not a vacation fund, that is a different story. Some people know that you have those funds that were not use and start planning their vacations, but you never know when you will have an emergency.

Let us forget about that money you have saved and start a new fund it can be your next vacation or something fun for the family.